Top Chef: Wisconsin Ep 10 Recap - Dining and Cooking (2024)


May 24, 2024


Your Top Chef RHAPup hosts are sharpening their knives and brushing up on their cooking skills as they head back to the kitchen to recap Top Chef: Wisconsin. Haley Strong, Curt Clark, and LaTonya Starks bring you the finest coverage of Top Chef: Wisconsin Episode 10.

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unpack your knes and stay yes stay welcome everybody to another episode of the top show for haup I am haly strong and I am here today um our best friend’s back hi Lan hi I’m back um barely uh barely here but doing it you know enjoying life watching Top Chef with my friends how could you not Kurt clar and his big giant Peach bini you know the best part about us being on video now you can see Kurt Clark’s large Peach bini and that’s not a euphemism that it’s literal okay hide your wife hide your kids they have been hidden sufficiently um here we are to talk about in my opinion was the worst episode of this season with love in my heart the worst episode of season thus far and I don’t know if you can sit here and tell me that this challenge was better than chaos cooking and if you if you could say that to me with a straight face well then gosh darn it are we gonna have a fight uh this challenge was better than chaos I’m gonna kick you out of the podcast that’s fine I’ll just go to bed yeah I I agree with latata I’m tired I’ll do this podcast on my own I am not afraid I would like I would I mean I would have to like sit down somewhere and talk it through with people I don’t know when I’d ever have that venue um but uh it was it was pretty here’s the thing the for me chaos kitchen was horrible because of the logistics and just lack of clarity whereas this was horrible because of like literally what the challenge was like like chaos kitchen was horrible because you couldn’t tell what the challenge was and this was horrible because you could I would rather the unknown i’ would rather the devil I knew in that case I think um I I don’t want it to seem like I am openly mocking the Nordic culture of the fish boil in in Wisconsin Oh I thought we were talking about the meat raffle I’m sorry you know what no I love a meat raffle sign me up for raffle that was my nickname in college where’s old meat raffle um yeah let’s let’s just start with the let’s start with the quickfire I am two episodes in I am already tired of um having it held over us that the quickfire counts alongside the elimination and who’s going home yep um it’s so clunky it’s it is so clunky I mean the only thing that it’s weird it’s like the only thing I was say the only thing that saved it was that Manny didn’t go home because in the final three you had the top two but the fact that Sue went home kind of then also negates I think the whole like philosophy of the quick fire being held over you I don’t know and and and getting why like why like make this big thing about you know immunity is no longer a factor but savan it’s a good thing you won the quickfire they don’t I don’t even think they know what they’re doing no point it’s it’s down to well with somebody coming back from lck it’s gonna be down to six again um but I’m I’m hoping that they uh that they just rethink it and we’ll see if we see it again next next season yeah if they want they can call us I will help them along um they shouldn’t do this again because it’s so weird it’s so clunky I just I’m like a little I’m a little annoyed by it and I am I’m sorry and I love Top Chef so much and I just want to be nice to it all the time but like I just can’t be nice to it right right this second um so for the quick fire create a dish using your selected protein from a meat raffle I love that we’re always deferring to Dan as our local Wisconsin night to be like Dan what’s a meat raffle and he’s like what do you think a meat raffle is it’s say it in the name it’s a raffle of meat like what do you want from me Danny Dan is so over this show at this point like he’s just like every challenge is worse than the last I’m gonna hit someone with my cane like I love it he’s he hates Wisconsin at this point he’s leaving he’s moving I think um Danny made his atar Lam rack with Jimmy nardello harisa relish labna and mint he was in the bottom with that uh Dan made a Sichuan chat P with a noodle dumpling and he was sort of in the bottom um Michelle made a jerk chicken nugget with black bean puree and pickled mango salsa she was definitely in the bottom uh Sue made a doer rock with lunchin meat marinated egg jasmine rice and brussel sprouts he was at the top Savannah made crispy corn beef and beet salad CR fresh and pickled celery and she won and Manny made a w Wu ribi AA Chile Serano chili tritos Ian and cilantro relish he was in the power bottom with that according to Kurt’s notes um The Challenge here a boy boy boy boy boy boy um who was surprised that the people who ended up with the lower end cuts of meats won because I was not it felt obvious yeah because I think there’s I I I think you’re going to potentially pick up on it more there there’s more room to elevate when you’re at Rock Bottom except po Michelle and her jerk chicken nugget and like I think it could have worked if she had cooked it for more than three minutes she gave them she gave them raw not just raw chicken raw ground chicken ground chicken which is just like grosser and like I I’m specific about ground chicken I’m fine with it in a meatball or like whatever but recently Ethan made these like chicken burgers using them kind of like a like a McChicken or Jer chicken patty and like I could eat it but I don’t want to eat it again like it’s just kind of that texture that ground chicken does when it’s like there it’s not not great um and then I’m try remember sorry I’m trying to remember what was still left on the table when she I was more surprised that she took everything she like went second or something yeah like that that she took the like that probably would have been the one I would have chosen last even with having the the the corn beef like hash or whatever it was and the and the we’ll call let’s just call it spam instead of lunch and meet can we yeah we’re not we’re not held by any um yeah branding standard branders as you would brard uh yeah I didn’t think it was that good of a joke but I’m glad you liked it I’m gonna name my firstborn child brander brander uh yeah it’s I don’t know I I was just very surprised I think that’s like the one thing that I almost looked at is like it’s not good to begin with and it also doesn’t have the ability to be redeemable and that wasn’t a nugget that was a little dainty nugget it looked like a race krispy square but like could kill you I just not used to having like and like there’s there’s this whole thing that just confuses me about the UK where they refer to chicken sandwiches as chicken burgers uh regardless of the format of it whereas I’m used to like I go hamburgers and turkey burgers are usually the ground form of that product put in a bun but you don’t really see ground chicken in a similar form usually it’s like a filet or you know a breast or something so I I just I just kind of get steved out a little bit by by ground chicken so um especially when it’s raw good good job on on on Kish for not eating a raw chicken the amount of things that she has been served raw this season I feel like it’s just her that it happens to I mean at that point just called chicken Sushi and be done with it e no chicken chicken tartar is there any of to worse is there any of these dishes you would have ordered cuz it seemed bad I’m like happy for saan and Sue but I’m not gonna partake in canned me and that’s not against can meat it’s against me eating it um I would have I would have gotten the I think yeah I would have actually gotten the the two the two tinned dishes um like I’ve I had just the like a couple days ago when um spoiler alert for uh for the the eating session um from the tiki bar across the street I got their Wasabi or not Wasabi musabi Sushi so like spam Sushi um I’m fine with Spam I’m fine with corn beef hash and like the idea of crispy corn beef hash uh kind of with a beet salads kind of intriguing the one thing I probably would have gotten ordered um based on the name is I would have just really been intrigued by the Sichuan chatau Bon noodle dumpling the name of it the description sounds interesting fair but in practice it looked wild it looked yeah it looked like the chatau band had to go to the hospital and get like a cast on it like one of those like third grade casts because it was like so thick and chunky we’ve always done this exercise based on the description like desite how it look right this is this this would have intrigued me if I’d seen it on a menu I don’t think I can like I think if like if I had to sit at the restaurant and order one of these I think I um am ordering um the the Wu yeah I’m getting man oh I’m getting manise all right um I would get that one one time my husband called me a beefy beefer ton and that was because he says I like beef he didn’t realize the connotation that it could be making fun of me in a rude way slightly he’s so sweet uh and doesn’t always uh hear himself and I was I cried he was like what are you crying for like you just like beef oh talking is a sport you need more Peaks inside your relationship I feel like that’s what this podcast is I I should invite him on the podcast with everyone one time yeah he we he he did join us once when the time you couldn’t make it he did um it was to be remembered um yeah I would I’m not like Blown Away by anything in the meat raffle Challenge and like except Art Smith I love art yeah he looks like Santa Claus but knows about food hot Santa um Elimination Challenge create a fish boil with two sides um the part about this that was fun was seeing some of the all stars yeah including Kurt let’s play trivia what season was Jeremy on he was on um the California season what place did he come in he came in 10th place he won oh okay this man won the season of Top shs and it took me three whole minutes to R recognize him to be to be fair when they brought all six chefs up they showed they showed what season I said wow five all stars and a cameraman that’s so kind of them to invite him I I only knew that because I paused it and looked at the caption as to see who was from which season oh okay and again with love in my heart whenever I rewatch Top Chef California I go I really can’t remember who won this every time I don’t rewatch Top Chef nearly enough um so few people do honestly yeah it’s me it’s it’s a I I’m guessing it’s a rewatchable show because I know that Haley does it yeah but to be fair I watch like a like I reatch a lot of shows like I watch Taskmaster every single night before bed and like you would think at a point it loses its luster it doesn’t I’ll tell you that for free see it’s just my my backlog of things I want to watch is just so embarrassingly huge I have to really really really like convince myself to rewatch something because there’s so much I haven’t watched the only time I’ll rewatch something is if I’m like about to watch like a new season of a show that’s just been released and the previous season was like a year or two ago and I may go back and rewatch it to prepare for the new season only because I’ll watch like 30 seconds of the new season and be like I don’t remember any of this even with the help of a last season on but yeah I don’t know if there’s any shows out there that I want to watch but I haven’t seen yet oh I have low standards you don’t think I do I don’t want anything that’s been nominated for an Emmy except in the reality TV category but the fact that you don’t watch horror movies or Thrillers Cuts you off of a whole genre of horrible terrible watching experiences yeah I don’t want to be thrilled I don’t want to be ho and I don’t want to be in I don’t I don’t want to be I don’t why would I want to be scared I’m scared every single moment of every single day why do I want that’s not entertainment ites you feel alive they’re like comfort food for me unfortunately I already feel alive the depression makes sure I feel it the I think Dan was speaking for all of us when he was describ when he insulted that man’s job and livelihood that was hilarious that guy only rides around on an ebike like he has no other mode of transportation his his name is torch my point has been proven he he um it’s like I like a crab boil I like a fish fry but I don’t like a fish boil no dad was like no it’s gross like it’s it’s gross not and they’re like challenge it’s a challenge he’s like no no no we no Can we cancel this we shouldn’t be doing this it’s gross and then even like the description of like no no we have to throw the kosene on it so it boils over so all the fish grit just boils off like what I don’t want there to be fish grit to be with I don’t want it no it was I it was a little bit weird what do you mean a little bit weird it was all weird it was a lot of weird sorry the part that I found most unusually weird was the everyone go out back and then there’s like it was almost like I thought like wasna line up and going out back like is this Heist I thought I thought Kristen was gonna like pass around a Talking Stick or something because they’re like seated around like everyone take a seat and I thought there was gonna be this really deep discussion about something and what it means to be a top shf I I didn’t know where it was going but I think it was I you thought they were going to have a meaningful discussion in the parking lot and it was just like everyone sit down because this is the safe Zone from the fireball that’s about to erupt that was dangerous I I don’t like they just kept doing it and they just kept like you know what let yeah we we’ll get there and we’ll talk about this we have to talk about Tom but we oh yeah he’s so hot um but we also have to talk about how badly I needed Savannah and showed it a kiss and they didn’t kiss did you guys not get the chemistry coming off with them Savannah was like I was so excited sh to show I cannot let Savannah down kiss kiss kiss kiss did am I and I’m not trying to like I this is the venue we’re on so I’m going to ask it I thought that she was like married and I and and I was like oh interesting I could be wrong why you Whispering about marriage like it’s a it is no well no that I shouldn’t be talking about them kissing if she’s married I feel like I looked for R I was getting that same I was getting that same Vibe and I but I was like I thought she was married well maybe she’s not Savannah has the face of somebody who would be married and that is like a compliment what does that mean like she’s so pretty like and speaking to two single people explain you’re also both so pretty like what do you want from me do you want me to marry you to I can’t I legally can’t you legally could if I got to divorce I can’t afford this place with if I divorce him he would be so lost his health benefits are so good I go to a dentist twice a year you think I can do that without him I can’t I can’t I I can’t I can’t do I can’t do that’s a solid argument you know um men don’t have very many purposes and one of them is definitely money and insurance it is the dental plan I’m love going to the dentist it’s like I’m not even here have a purpose which I’ve been which I’ve been saying to myself for 40 plus years um I I was I was really happy to see Sarah again oh I love Sarah oh I love Sarah I love may too like May and paired up with Nanny like like she she want she could eat him alive and he knew it he knew she’s like really guacamole as I don’t think that’s a good idea he’s like um and always good Gregory’s like a staple Gregory love Gregory and but then it was like was it uh then Jeremy and was it Justin like I was a little bit like I’m not remembering these two exact completely but I love Justin thanks thanks for thanks for coming back also top Che Kentucky right the thing is I probably drafted Jeremy let’s be real no yeah you Jeremy is like the number one kurk Clark yeah girly like he is that’s that’s you okay also and then there’s a Twist if the fish boil wasn’t bad enough guess what the old top chefs are going shopping for you like I don’t I appreciate the top chef is trying stuff I just don’t like they’re what they’re trying and when they’re trying it I just think that um if something isn’t broken then you don’t need to break it you know so true this is a great like uh quickfire thing to do yeah potent yeah or or don’t like don’t highlight it as a Twist like I was like maybe have them cooking paars with the former contestant right I thought they were gonna be going versus the former contestants which I thought they were gonna be like sufing them um um yeah it if if it was I I almost would have liked it better if they hadn’t gotten a chance to talk like literally like you’re gonna end up with what you’re gonna end up talk to each other not just like in general you don’t want them justop be better if they were just mute it’s the it’s the mute challenge just for the entirety of the Season imagine terides where where you had to like act out what you want your shopping list to be that would have been so annoying I would have loved it um they yeah like if if if they were like you know what and you have to you have to deal with whatever this professional chef picks for you is a you’re probably going to be in more of a flexible mindset than if you’re like okay this is what I’m planning I hope they come back with it I mean they said I think Su said you we’re likely gonna have to Pivot in several ways and um but yeah I I wasn’t crazy about how that it did feel a little more quick fiery like the sort of like you know go shopping for your ingredients now swap with the chef on your left or something like that you know um but it was it was like yeah yeah okay and I’m not a fish fan anyway so let alone boy I like fish but this all just looked bad like it looku I yeah it just it just seems like against God’s plan in some way I agree with I agree with you sure God put those animals on the Earth for for cooking and eating but not like that not not like that whenever a bunch of people get together in like a very white community and decide we’re going to develop a Cuisine I’m like no thank you I don’t know if I I should say in America that is the case C it’s like who sat down and was like you know what we should do with this fish we should boil it until it loses all integrity and then slap it on the plate with some potatoes an onion maybe I and I just want to talk about how they tried to kill everyone um in so many different ways right so first of all they’re on the sand and it’s hot do you think Dan is able to efficiently use his Cane in the sand because gosh darn it I don’t think so um it was at least put down a floor for them to like you know they couldn’t put down any wood because they had to they had to use firebombs they had to I was I was very glad I think like I I threw all logic out the window and was just assuming they had to do that themselves and I was very was so glad when they did it when torch came back I was like oh thank God I was like are they going to practice I don’t I’m scared I didn’t and then it was so windy that these like firebombs were blowing into the teds the only reason that Tom showed up to judge this challenge is to see the firebombs happen because he was so overly hyped every time torch made an appearance he’s like oh is it time for another one not cuz this food is good but because I like fire apparently yeah there I whichever Two Chefs like were in downwind from the fire bombs I felt so bad for them like Manny’s over it he’s just like standing there at the end being like I’m tired I I need these eyebrows like I can’t lose them part of VI yeah maned hair let’s talk about torch speak mute Tor and then torch was like standing down wi of the fire like oh he would you think he would go to the other side based on the wind but he was like I I’m standing here don’t question his method how much money do you think Top Chef paid him to repeatedly do that uh enough so that they didn’t have to pay him to have a speaking role on the episode because he did not say a damn thing the entire time and and he wasn’t even a judge like he his whole like this is typically the person who’s the cranberry expert or the dairy expert who then has to also apply their expertise to what was made he was the fire expert he was only he’s only fire he’s only it sounded like when they introduced and maybe that was really maybe that’s actually his specialty but he was I swear kind of served up as the fish boil expert yeah also Technics expert I also want to go back a few minutes into the episode um where somebody said oh the fish is Moise also it should be moist it’s just been in water like you it’s been it’s been so in water um but then Dan was like no it’s not like what a Savage fit Dan is I love him so much um he can’t be bothered anymore with this show and I I can appreciate that because as a viewer this season I often feel the same way um it’s just it’s really nice to see someone express it on the show as they compete and and win challenges that they just hate like and like any other show they would show like two of the firebombs and then yada yada no we got to see all six of the exact same Fireball like there’s nothing new about this and except for the the ever increasing potential that one of the tents catches on fire yes like the weird like it’s the weirdest thing I’ve seen on television in a while and I just finished watching the most recent season of Survivor um like to go straight from that Survivor finale into this episode of Top Chef was too much fire too much fire too much um I also just want to point out that Michelle’s broth looks so so beautiful and great and wonderful and like it made me want like a like a seafood boil but then when we showed us the fish it was just like white and plain and she like was like I guess I have to like put seasoning on this so it doesn’t look white and Plain on this plate should we get into the uh the dishes I guess if we have to um they’re all something something boil by the way uh Danny Shopper was Justin and he made a Sofrito boil with Sala salsa verde carrot SLO French bean and Bonito and he won with this dish Savannah was shot for by shoda and she made a kimchi GOI Chang boil with baby potato smashed tofu salad Sue had Gregory and made a pineapple curry fish boil fish sauce bur Blanc twice cooked potatoes and crispy corn miso SL Dan had Jeremy shopping for him and made a red curry boil coconut herb SLA with peanuts fingerlings duck fat and shirro Dashi oil Michelle had Sarah and she made a Cajun boil with charred corn and kale salad potatoes with sausage Peach and garlic butter sauce and Manny had made shopping for him and made a Mexican boil with tostadas guacamole a Mexican white rice with corn and chipotle lime butter uh Savannah Manny and Sue were in the bottom with uh Sue being eliminated Michelle Dan and Danny were in the top with Danny winning um we tried we tried we tried Michelle had like the direction which I think I would have appreciated the most um Savannah like slash open her hand and I was queasy for the rest of the episode and the the thing that that really surprised me was the whole in the whole firebomb part of it after the firebomb happens the chef has to help Blaze or whatever his torch some American gladiator’s name but he has to help him like he to Wolf it yeah he has to like they had to like carry like the a scorpion it yeah but like the the chef had to help torch carry the the the pot like they the big they had the big long pole one of them on each end the pot hanging in the middle and I felt so bad for Savannah because like her hand is like all bandaged up and like like why make her carry the pot also she like was like mixing her salsa with her like Bandit hand and I know she had the glove on but like than [Laughter] you oh none of these appealed to me things were just downhill for Savannah after downhill and downwind yeah I felt really bad for her because she just stabbed her hand like she like I’m surprised she didn’t come out through the other side honestly like I’m surprised she didn’t hit a ligament or something oh I can’t yeah she said it was the deepest cut she’s ever had see this is why I don’t watch like spash effects because I have a very weak summer I love that Sarah and Michelle were teamed up because they both have kind of that southern influence in their cooking so I thought that was really like kismi like that was that was kind of cool you know what I was thinking when they had to pick the Shoppers do you all ever like order from instacart or something like that no I don’t trust other people and I also love grocery shopping that’s I don’t trust other people I’m also not sure if it exists in my very small town oh Fair what when I do order from instacart I am always pleasantly surprised when I get a woman because men I’m sorry I don’t hate men that’s not the case I just don’t understand why you all can’t follow directions and women are the best instacart Shoppers give what’s an example of a time a man uh ignored your instacart directions I ordered lettuce and got a cabbage but they look alike like what’s the difference here’s the thing if I was I would I would follow your instructions to the tea but I would like triple worry about everything that it would take you for that’s what I would do so late I would love to instacart but then if something was like like if you want wanted like a red delicious apple and like they only had like honey crisp and like yeah whatever is the closest thing to Red Delicious possible I be like they’re gonna they’re gonna personally hate me if I mess this up no like if you ordered honey crisp but they had Cosmic crisp I would sit there like for 10 minutes being like do I just get it I mean it’s crisp of it’s a crisp but it’s a slightly different it’s a hybrid crisp do they want like a really big honey crisp or do they want like a midsize honey crisp or like a small honey crisp like what size honey crisp do you should I get them one of each bananas would you like them more green would you like them more yellow like what what is the I would have to like call them be like what is the purpose for the bananas are they smoothie are they like on the counter are they are you making banana bread there’s no other there’s no other ingredients on her list that that indicat she’d be making banana bread so maybe maybe she has everything she needs yeah it becomes like I we’ve talked previously like previous Seasons about crime scene kitchen which was kind of like look at look at the kitchen after a bake and try to figure out what was made um and yeah that would be I would I would just not handle it well I don’t think but I would try I would try my best dire I would try too hard honestly that’s so funny like I’m sorry the the stress that you all got from just thinking about the idea of shopping for somebody yeah we spiraled Curt and I just spiral that is the definition oh oh that’s amazing yeah and and uh so Michelle’s I thought was probably the one I would order the best Dan’s I think looked the best mostly because they couldn’t see the fish through the curry like I was like Yay I don’t have to see the fish it reminded me a lot of hot pot like but okay yeah and especially the because torch is not at Hot Pot yeah especially because like you’re not doing much to the meat other than creating the broth is kind of almost what it seemed like um and and I don’t know it’s yeah it just doesn’t not not my cup of CA broth Danny was very smart in that he like pre-brined his um his fish and it made such a big difference um I really appreciated May’s commitment to dressing like a WestJet pilot uh this episode and if you that might be hyper specific to uh the Canadian Airline users but if you know you know Kurt have you ever flown in West J before I have not wow Miss know that’s canis Premier airline in my humble opinion I’m a West list screw you airic Canada just kidding here Canada if you want to sponsor me call me I’m available um gosh darn it do we have anything else to say about this elimination this might be this might be a record setting podcast in terms of his brevity I just like I’m so there has to be something else that we missed I’m so blown away by like how disappointing this challenge was like well like I get we we saw Sue Savannah and Manny in the bottom three first the reason I had in our our spreadsheet uh Dan as bottom question mark was because we only got a top two yeah and then they listed everybody except Dan and say well here’s why you didn’t like your food and then there’s like a strange kind of pause and I’m like looking at my notes like is so is Dan just kind of in the middle but then they start talk giving him feedback as well and it was kind of here’s what could have been better so like is he in the bot do we have a bottom four and then I genuinely don’t know yeah so when we saw that it was Savannah Sue and Manny in the bottom I like well Manny’s gone um I thought so too because he was he was like mid and mid but like Sue I guess was like super bad and Savannah was super bad yeah so like canceled out how mid man’s was and like Manny’s was like the most boring plate to look at like the white rice and just the white fish and like I like I almost fell asleep looking at his plate man I’m so sorry baby you know I love you but like I couldn’t this this was not it it wasn’t I was and I was confused about what the plan was going to be with the tadas like is he buying them is he making his own tortillas or what what the whole plan was going to be but like when like you were talking about I was going to get something store bought I was like okay that’s potentially bad and then the whole the whole thing about well in Mexico guacamole is a side it’s not just like you know uh it’s a side in itself it’s not just I guess like a DI a topping I can I can get behind that and I think I would have appreciated having guacamole after like seven different kinds of of weird boiled soft potatoes but but it was when it seemed like it was raised fish it seemed it was raised like the possibility was raised that the that the judges might think that guacamole isn’t a side and by Manny saying well where I’m from it is a side that seemed like something that would potentially come back to and be Revisited was really only Revisited in terms of Simplicity and like you didn’t knock us out of the park with this if I have to pay extra for something at Chipotle I’m GNA assume it’s a side okay fair enough I don’t know how to toss that ball back to you I’m sorry no I want to tell you guys about something that’s going on in my real life and that’s that we tried to watch the Blue Jays game um but and it’s in Detroit right now so you know you’re your hometown Tigers but the power to both of the trucks went out that like broadcast the game so they had to use like the scoreboard cam to like show the game so you’re only getting the picture in the batter you’re not getting anything else that’s happening and like sometimes you’ll see somebody’s baby because it’s like the jumo Dr and then the two like the two guys who are like the like the leadens they were having to call call some game they’re like well uh we think that’s a double play but we can’t tell and then they were able to get the play byplay guys on on the cell phone like it’s literally through the cell phone and then they like the cell phone was like 15 full seconds ahead of like what we were seeing on the Jumbotron feed so like Dan Shan’s like and we have a home run by Isaiah kindful EA and we’re like we don’t see the Home Run and then 15 seconds later we see the Home Run H and then at one point he sneezed and he’s like sorry I usually have the cough button I don’t have the cough button on the phone anyway this is a total side note but it just made me Google I was waiting for this to somehow usually with our Segways honestly just connectivity it reminded of me of when like back in the day when we first started podcasting by that I named me and Amy and like my internet was so bad that sometimes she had to call me over the phone to like record my side of the podcast mom dad you can’t use the phone for an hour and a half I have to call Amy don’t worry she’s calling me col it’s fine um anyway I just like wanted to that and it just made me laugh and I just thought it was fny because there’s nothing else to talk about this episode because it was bad well I could talk about to last ch’s kitchen why we should we have to talk about you have to like we’re at 39 minutes and 15 seconds and usually like we’re just doing like we’re finishing our intros at that point in the podcast yeah okay so it was three people because Lara and Amanda Advanced from last time Sue is joining them this was actually I found it kind of interesting they had to create a dish that has utilized elements of all of the pre previous quickfires so they had to make a dish that included hops cherries a sauce element Dairy cranberries a flambay element and in and some meat raffle proteins I don’t like it did Sue challenge I loved the idea oh my God because two of the three of them made a cherry cranberry sauce which I me why wouldn’t you I bet Amanda was like making this Cherry cranberry sauce thing like this is what got me out basically is this Cherry cran is a cranberry sauce yeah so it was it was it was kind of just like it and the thing that struck me was that like Sue was in Last Chance Kitchen for half of these quickfires like he was like hadn’t experienced any of them true um like he he hadn’t had to cook with hops before and um so the first thing he did was throw an entire hop into his mouth and blow out his pallet yeah and he ends up losing the first part yeah he I don’t know that I don’t think that’s why he lost but no uh he uh he was eliminated so Amanda made hop smoked wagu ribeye with potato puree sauce and Flom cherry and cranberry relish um Sue made a Chateau Brion with sourdough hop puree using some like Brios bread uh cranberry and Cherry sauce and compressed carrot and celery and Laura made wagu kebabs with babagan just fun to say babagan cranberry and pepper relish hop Shug sauce and flambeed Cherry sauce so you you really couldn’t get the Cherry flambe out of any of these recipes I mean what are you gonna do flamb the Wu like does that work yeah I don’t see why not I don’t know do you want to dump alcohol on Wu I’m not like an expert uh yeah so it was as D alcohol on Wu yeah he definitely does um yeah it it was it was what it was what bringing endorsem*nt it I mean like so you know Sue was out with uh eliminated with his uh dish because the idea of a Sourdough hot puree um Jesus you know yeah it was it was pretty like the the feedback was pretty negative like like before before Lara presented like uh I I was just because Tom will typically taste each of the quickfire dishes and then we’ll kind of go down the row and give his thoughts and then present the verdict it’s literally called the verdict in Last Chance Kitchen um when he gave so Amanda’s feedback was given um was it was okay like okay not you’re kind of middle of the road then Sue’s feedback was given like okay he’s gone like unless Laro really really messed up and then he seemed to like lwas the best and uh and so I was like Yeah the more he kept talking I was like Sue is out of out of this as like I think I was I was kind of rooting for Sue or Amanda um yeah but yeah it’s Sue is now gone and uh um Kevin and uh Rosa brought out the table that had all of the so they’re both there and you know providing additional you know commentary um so there’s there but they’re they’re not going to be there anymore because Last Chance Kitchen is closed because we went from part one to part two where it was a throwback to uh um at this point like Kristen was there uh helping Tom judge and then for the second part they brought out May uh from Boston to uh to help uh act as a judge and they said with what Kristen there was like Kristen’s challenge that she came back on was just make a great plate of food and so that’s what the challenge was for this just make a great plate of food and Amanda made noi with scallops corn charred onion and a shrimp boil sauce she said she there’s nothing she loves more than a no she’s really come to respect the boil culture um fa yeah she was even here let’s see Amanda with a fish boil and see if she she was yeah she was even there for the fish boil episode let’s remember like she wasn’t there this episode um she probably kicking herself she probably wouldn’t respect it as much as she was and then La made zet ugly vegetables celery root artichoke mushroom with crab uh crab salad um so Amanda had used so she had some potato puree left from her previous round the the part one of this episode so she used that to make noi it was a little bit gummy according to Tom um I’m just remembering some of the things that he said about big going back to last about Sue Sue was kind of trying to make given the cranberry of it all kind of almost like a a take on a you know Thanksgiving dinner the the sourdough hot puree was almost supposed to be like a stuffing one of the critiques that Tom had was that he had in that just like uncooked celery like chunks of celery it just kind of yeah it was just really off-putting um he came back to cheer on the people to cheer on La and Amanda and he had beer with him and he and Kevin he and Kevin were having a beer and so then Kristen came back you know to like do her judge thing and Sue was like I’m sorry and she was like what are you not allowed to drink are you not over 21 it was a very very you’re legal aren’t you I love her but yeah the Amanda’s uh noi were a little bit gummy um Tom was impressed with the with the the the levels of flavor or the layers of Flav flavor in what Lara made and so Lara is actually going back to the competition where Dan can now focus on staying alive uh in her presence versus hating on the challenges that he faces I can’t wait until we see like a like oh yeah like come on here’s here’s who’s coming back and he’s like any like really her like I can’t see I felt like I knew who was gonna win Last Chance Kitchen because of the next week on like the preview I never never watched that never I should have watched it um away like the away they they had they they showed the person like walking through the door and they showed like a leg but like it could only have been l or soup based on body type basically um and and it seemed pretty obviously that it was low I saw the little boot like all I saw was a little booty and I was like like boot like like a boot like a shoe boot like not like not like a that I like yeah they did not come in as first I wouldn’t I would I would say that um I saw the little Boot and was like it’s a girly and I wasn’t sure which one it was because I just wasn’t paying attention that hard at that point I’m sorry um I really wanted Amanda to in because I love Amanda know and I want her to be our friend I was I was I was rooting for her uh when when Sue got eliminated uh if both she if she and Sue had made it if yeah if she and Sue had made it to part two I don’t know who I would have read it for but yeah yeah sorry Amanda you had a great run and produced some great food on Last Chance Kitchen so and you had the guts to do nooki in what like 30 minutes yeah anyway that’s all I got no more Last Chance Kitchen closing it out um rip last stream’s kitchen I guess um yeah L what did you eat this week interesting question given that I haven’t really been able to eat e anything um all right all right I’ve had some great ginger ale um uh lots of soup it’s been really sad honestly I don’t know how people just don’t eat like I really don’t um I know I do love eating it is really difficult and and my body hates me right now so um there will be more soup for dinner sorry to disappoint everyone it’s okay we are just hoping you feel better so you can help us soup soon uh Kurt what about you I’m drinking my peach bini mango slushy um uh so yeah so I’m in Vegas I got here Tuesday night um so just some been eating some fun stuff and I I had uh for dinner last night so I’m staying in the Cosmopolitan there’s kind of a little food Hall here called block 16 uh and David Chang has a a place there called bangar which is just kind of like wraps and stuff um I got he has there’s a there’s a wrap that they call the UR wrap um where it’s a it’s a really large thin flatbread and I had it filled with spicy pork and they roll it up but it’s it’s probably like a good like over a foot long when it’s rolled up so then they Bend It Like the letter U so it’s almost like a um picture like a long skinny wrap that they fold in half so that it doesn’t and both ends are now like facing up so that and I had a side of spicy eggplant that was really good uh there’s a restaurant here called hting which is kind of an upscale Burger Bar that’s closing sometime this summer um so you and I don’t think it’s like for renovations I heard it’s like closing closing so if you are in Vegas and then uh check out holin to see if it’s still open I got um they have these Bamboozled emphasis on the booze Bamboozled shakes I got their donutella Shake which is I genuinely thought the emphasis was going to be on the bamboo if I’m being perfectly honest with you no um the I post there’s a there’s a picture of this meal on my Instagram uh the milkshake has coffee lure Nutella coffee hazelnut crocant a donut a pouette cookie chocolate covered spr beans and vanilla frosting it’s like one of those Bloody Marys that has like um that was really good and then I got there my the burger I always get is their billionaire Burger it’s fuagra and Prime Beef blend provolone cheese onion marmalade pork reduction FR arugula and a truffle aoli yeah that is it’s just so decadent I it’s like my my go-to and I got his head aside of sweet potatoes PR and then to really balance him so yes and then to today or today for lunch I went to a similar Food Hall in the Arya which is like right next to the Cosmopolitan and I got um I went to a ital like a a s kind of an Italian Quick Serve place I think it’s called parm where I got basically a uh an Italian sub which is pretty tasty but then they had these Buffalo CES uh so it was like cucumbers with buffalo sauce and blue cheese crumbles um pretty good uh pretty pretty good and then tonight I’m going to the hakaan restaurant not the nightclub in the MGM Grands uh for dinner that’s gonna be a uh late night tomorrow I’m doing the big the Wicked Spoon Buffet which is my favorite buffet in Vegas uh doing that for like a brunchie thing tomorrow morning um once my I’m working while I’m out here so once we get to like noonish on the East Coast I’m going to head there because we have a half day tomorrow but yeah so just eating and drinking and working and walking having a good time yeah how about you um well I last week um Friday for dinner I had my favorite which is M Chinese food um it was delicious per usual and then Ethan wasn’t feeling very well that night so then I got to eat his leftover M Chinese food for lunch the next day and I had a great time eating that um what else did we do um I made some burgers last week and some buns and had those and they were good um I made shrimp schwarmer wraps yesterday and those were delicious Ethan made a really good dish he found on because he’s not on Tik Tok Instagram reals um that uses like orzo and cherry tomatoes and like tomato sauce and beans and that was delicious and then I made which was quite possibly the most beautiful um dessert I’ve ever made and if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen it it’s the uh rhubarb TS I made I made like a homemade pie crust and a homemade strawberry rubarb jam and then I did some like very intricate uh rhubarb work oh that’s beautiful if you’re watching the video you can see it and if you’re only listening to podcast then you can follow me on Instagram um but that was that was it just kind of uh hung around this morning I had to go into the office and like going into the office just like always throws me off a little bit um so I had made like a beautiful smoothie last night so I could have a nice smoothie for breakfast and then I got into the office I put my lunch big on the table and it rolled off and my smoothie broke my smoothie just broke it broke and it cut open the bag of chips I had brought with me so I couldn’t eat the chips either I could eat the chips I couldn’t eat the chips cuz there was l aw love oh boy so that was it’s a full moon and I can tell I can tell yeah yeah I can tell that’s it that’s it that’s it guys let’s how work if people find you on the internet if you want to be found on the internet the shortest podcast in the history of top [Music] trly thank you fish Bo thank you torch thanks torch for setting fire to this episode um okay the inter people can find me on Twitter at LK Starks uh well where I’ll just be wondering for all eternity why Maria didn’t vote for Charlie and also uh celebrating the fact that Asia Welsh is going to be on season 47 of Survivor which is so cool occasional top sha for Happ but yes St well I was I literally I was telling Haley I was wrapping up watching uh the reunion episode just before we were starting and I was I’m literally in the middle of the preview for Survivor 4 several and I they they showed and I’m like wait a minute I think I know her is that yeah as like congrats that’s that’s so awesome this is like so cool yeah that I’m just I’m just kind of I was I’m glad you thank you for confirming that because I was gonna ask you guys after we got off off the call so it couldn’t be happening to like a better person like she is so sweet so sweet so smart so wonderful she is just like such a lovely person to talk to and I can’t wait for like the whole world to to meet her and love her as much as this community does so that’s so fun and she looks uh stunningly gorgeous on it and when I was listening to Love’s blind recap this season and Asia wasn’t on it I was just like I guess she’s busy like it didn’t occur to me that like she could be like busy for like great reasons and not just like right busy um yeah sometimes your friends go and play Survivor and disappear here into Fiji for like a couple months happens to the best of us it really does happen to the best of us and Asia is the best of us so find me on Twitter talking about things like that um and then I just finished um episodes four and five of the sympathizer for silent podcast with Naomi um thank you all so much for being so P patient that’s another podcast that’s suffered from me not feeling well um so we have weren’t able to do the last week or so um but we are back with episodes four and five um and then we’re going to be doing episodes six and seven together because seven is the last episode of the series um so yeah follow me on Instagram at Stormborn 1222 as well Kurt what about you if if people want to see pictures of the Wicked Spoon tomorrow and also the nightclub tonight where can they I the brain freeze right now from chugging your Frozen Peach bini yeah yeah yeah that’s I don’t get brain freeze it’s that it’s the it’s the the trachea freeze like where you feel like freezing all like I don’t yes and then you’re it hits your stomach H it’s so so it sucks okay it’s cleared now um best place to follow me is on on Instagram Kurt Clark hasn’t been a lot of escape room content on there lately because I’ve only done a couple this year um hope maybe I’ll remedy that while I’m in Vegas uh but I am slowly really only think one food pickup from whol the uh the Uber milkshake and burger that I had um we’ll see if more makes it on there um but yeah for food and books follow me at Kurt Clark on the insta that’s really about it I I’m trying to stream more on Twitch uh feel free to follow me on there also um I just wrapped up Assassin’s Creed Mirage um and I’m about to jump into Hogwarts Legacy uh but I’ve downloaded kind of a couple oneoff indie games uh that I am just kind of like giving a shot and experiencing for the first time while streaming it like um which is both fun and nerve-wracking L are you a video game girly I don’t own a single gaming system wow I haven’t played video games since College I’m not I don’t have anything against them uh people that play them seem to be having a ton of fun and I think I’m missing out probably I’m glad you didn’t I didn’t glad you didn’t say the whole and I’m and uh I’m I’m happy for or not the I’m happy for them or I love that for you oh no like every like everyone I know who exists in the world basically plays video games with me so I feel like I’m the one that’s missing out I I feel like you like games so much but I’m surprised you don’t video game it is a mystery um I I had like a a gaming system I had like a Nintendo when I was growing up and I played like grew up playing Legends of Zelda and then I played a lot of Soul C in college just to you know beat people I didn’t like at a game I can’t punch you but I can beat you at this game I can destroy your character um I’m surprised to no one I like the soft games like the Sim The Sims Animal Crossing Roblox no I don’t do Roblox okay it’s too harsh sounding I like Pac-Man I like the one where I get to like jump on stuff like I get to jump around casual game casual gaming yeah like soft games um I’m tempted to get into stard de Valley but I just know like once I do it is over for me so I I don’t think I should um you can find me on the internet if you want to find me on the internet um Amy and I this week we are celebrating 10 years of the bachelor rup podcast so we did a special edition podcast um where we counted down our top 10 favorite moments in the franchise and what did 10 years has been it’s last year and makes me happy and it’s just very crazy to think that I’ve been doing this for 10 years this is my congratulations this is my 10th season covering Top Chef I didn’t get to do a retrospective tier we’ll do one when we’ll weig when you get to 10 we’ll we’ll no we’ll figure out when the 10th anniversary of the top chef for half up is because I think it it’s like around the same because you guys started in Top Chef Boston right we started we the in the archives there’s episodes of Top Chef 12 but I think we did uh the tail end of Top Chef was douge top what did season was 12 was that Boston that was Boston so it we just covered the I think that it premiered in October of uh 2014 so I would say by November December we can do um we didn’t miss we didn’t miss it okay wonderful so we’ll do that we’ll do that we’ll do that maybe because it said the season went from October 15th to February 11th so maybe in the new year we’ll do a little okay A little maybe we’ll get everyone to come hang out with us oh wouldn’t that be fun that probably won’t happen I don’t have the organizational skills for that um but we can dream maybe I will we’ll see um and that and then I got to talk about uh Bridgerton season 3 and the book Romancing Mr Bridgerton um with Tori from the ready to be romance podcast and our friend Angela Bloom uh so that should be coming out this week maybe it’s already out um that was a lot of fun because I am very into Brian right now I’m in my Brian era as I have been for the last three years four years probably anyway uh and then you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram _ and you can check out my bookstagram account at the strong Library where I am reading and reviewing all of the books I read I’m also like posting a little bit of cookbook content over there too um because those are also books so you know have a nice time there uh until next time hopefully there will be no fish boils pack your knives and go bye


  1. Top Chef: Wisconsin Ep 10 Recap - Dining and Cooking (1)

    @starwolf99 7 days ago

    This episode is a reunion of sorts for fans of the most recent Iron Chef iteration with Kristen Kish co-hosting with Alton Brown. There was an episode in which Mei and Gregory teamed up with Jeremy as their sous chef. If it's still on Netflix, I recommend it. Also, I rewatch the Boston season, partially for the rivalry between Mei and Gregory. Also, I'm from Medford which is near Boston, so I am also rewatching the episode in which Jasper White (RIP) was the chowder Quickfire judge.

  2. Top Chef: Wisconsin Ep 10 Recap - Dining and Cooking (2)

    @starwolf99 7 days ago

    I can't help but laugh at the twist for the Elimination Challenge, because Mei and Gregory were from the Boston episode in which the judges did their shopping.

  3. Top Chef: Wisconsin Ep 10 Recap - Dining and Cooking (3)

    @starwolf99 7 days ago

    I still have a celebrity crush on Sara from Kentucky/World All-Stars. She held her own against international champions.

  4. Top Chef: Wisconsin Ep 10 Recap - Dining and Cooking (4)

    @starwolf99 7 days ago

    I rewatch Top Chef California a lot due to it being the season of Amar, Kwame, and the Restaurant Wars where Phillip CRASHED AND BURNED GLORIOUSLY.

  5. Top Chef: Wisconsin Ep 10 Recap - Dining and Cooking (5)

    @starwolf99 7 days ago

    I loved Crime Scene Kitchen. I'm a Type A investigator QA with OCD, and I love baking shows.

  6. Top Chef: Wisconsin Ep 10 Recap - Dining and Cooking (6)

    @V-vision 6 days ago

    Curt "Meat Raffle" Clark is in rare form early in the episode here

  7. Top Chef: Wisconsin Ep 10 Recap - Dining and Cooking (7)

    @jamesryan6008 6 days ago

    I will never re-watch season 6 of Top Chef. Not only did it have some of the worst cooks( Eve ,Preeti, Jennifer( not Carroll), and Laurine), half the cast trashed Robin. It had the most obnoxious contestant ever( Hi, Eli)
    And the most misogynistic ( Mike Isabella). The most amusing aspect is that Robin was eliminated after Mike.

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Top Chef: Wisconsin Ep 10 Recap - Dining and Cooking (2024)


Top Chef: Wisconsin Ep 10 Recap - Dining and Cooking? ›

So in the end, the judges' favorites were Danny, Dan and Michelle – who did a Cajun boil with charred corn and kale salad, potatoes and sausage, and peach and garlic butter sauce. At the bottom were Manny, Savannah and Soo. With Savannah having won the Quickfire, it seemed likely that she wouldn't be told to leave.

What happened to Kuniko from Top Chef? ›

Kuniko later served as Executive Chef of Myers' brasserie, Comme Ça West Hollywood, opening its second location at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas before heading up the kitchen of the award winning Hinoki & the Bird in Century City.

What happened to Josie from Top Chef? ›

The very busy Chef Josie is currently working on a music-driven cooking show, The Rock and Roll Cooking Show®; a baked potato takeout concept, Global Soul To Go ™; and a popsicle and ice cream company, Pop Queens®. Currently, Chef Josie can be found in San Francisco at Thee Parkside with her pop up Global Soul Corner™.

What happened to CJ from Top Chef? ›

Jacobson is now the Chef Partner at Aba and Ēma, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises restaurant concepts focused on light, Mediterranean-style cooking. Jacobson has curated menus that pay homage to his roots in California, incorporating healthful and unique spices and ingredients.

What happened to Jeremy from Top Chef? ›

In 2021, he opened The Butcher's Club at the PGA National Resort & Spa, and started to co-host TruTV's Fast Foodies with fellow Top Chef winner Kristen Kish and Iron Chef America season 13 episode 8 winner Justin Sutherland. Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

Is Chef Vivian divorce? ›

Howard was married to artist Ben Knight, her co-owner at Chef & the Farmer and the Vivian Howard Restaurant Group. She confirmed in early 2023 the couple had divorced.

What is Demar from Top Chef doing now? ›

Damarr Brown is the Chef de Cuisine at Virtue restaurant located on the southside of Chicago.

What happened to Kelsey Top Chef? ›

She's now at work on her second book, Southern Get-Togethers, scheduled for a fall 2024 release. Her new book is all about the fine art of hosting, a topic she's more than mastered by now. Her first individual win on Top Chef came mid-season, when the challenge was to throw the best yacht party.

What happened to Ashley on Top Chef? ›

She was the chef at Branzino in Seattle when she was a competitor on season six of Bravo's hit TV show Top Chef. After the show, she returned to New York City and worked with Alex Guarnaschelli at Butter and The Darby before heading the kitchen at The Waverly Inn.

Who is the unibrow chef on Top Chef? ›

Hugh Acheson (born November 5, 1971) is a Canadian-born chef and restaurateur.

Why was Gabe Top Chef fired? ›

In 2019, Erales was the opening executive head chef of Comedor, which garnered acclaim throughout the state. Then, in December 2020, he was fired over “repeated violations of our policies and for behavior in conflict with our values,” explained chef and partner Philip Speer in an email at the time to Eater.

Has anyone ever quit Top Chef? ›

Typically, at least 12 chefs end up competing against one another to […] Lakshmi announced her exit from Top Chef in June, shortly before the season 20 finale aired. “After much soul searching, I have made the difficult decision to leave Top Chef,” she wrote via Instagram at the time.

Who is the bald guy from Top Chef? ›

Thomas Patrick Colicchio (/koʊˈliːkjoʊ/; born August 15, 1962) is an American celebrity chef. He co-founded the Gramercy Tavern in New York City, and formerly served as a co-owner and as the executive chef.

Who is the most undeserving Top Chef winner? ›

This includes the winners, some are unworthy of a win because other contestants did better while others stirred up drama and controversy.
  1. 1 Richard Blais - Season 8.
  2. 2 Michael Voltaggio - Season 6. ...
  3. 3 Jeremy Ford - Season 13. ...
  4. 4 Chris Cosentino - Season 4 Top Chef Masters. ...
  5. 5 Brooke Williamson - Season 14. ...
May 3, 2023

Who is the most successful person from Top Chef? ›

  • Richard Blais (Seasons 4 & 8) From working at McDonald's to competing on Iron Chef America, Richard Blais has become a household name in the culinary industry. ...
  • Melissa King (Seasons 12 & 17) ...
  • Carla Hall (Seasons 5 & 8) ...
  • Kristen Kish (Season 10)

Has anyone been disqualified from Top Chef? ›

Though Top Chef has been on the air for 19 seasons, only one contestant has ever been disqualified in the history of the show. That honor — or dishonor, as it were — goes to Season 2 contestant Cliff Crooks, who was immediately asked to leave Top Chef after a prank gone terribly wrong.

What is Kwame from Top Chef doing now? ›

Chef Kwame currently runs the Afro Caribbean-inspired Tatiana By Kwame Onwuachi in New York City, which was named The New York Times' Best New Restaurant in NYC in 2023.

What happened to Huang from Top Chef? ›

In March 2022, Huynh signed on as the new Director of Culinary Innovation for Orlando-based Omei Restaurant Group.

What happened to Carrie from Top Chef? ›

Baird is currently the Culinary Director for The Culinary Creative Group's Americana division in Denver where she oversees four Tap & Burger concepts, Red Tops Rendezvous and is a Partner and Chef for Fox and the Hen.

What is Evelyn from Top Chef doing now? ›

The Heights restaurant celebrates culinary heritage with elements like Salvadoran cheese from the Garcia family farm. Chef Evelyn Garcia always makes Houston proud, from her appearance on Top Chef to her Heights restaurant Jūn.

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