Cal Fit Valine Ct (2024)

1. Greenhaven Gym | Gyms in Sacramento - In-Shape Family Fitness

  • READY TO GET STARTED? -Join online in minutes or come into the club for. JOIN NOW BOOK A TOUR. 62 Valine Ct Sacramento, CA 95831. (916) 392-8300. CLUB HOURS ...

  • In-Shape Family Fitness at Greenhaven is one of the top gyms in Sacramento. Premium amenities, elevated atmosphere & motivating studio classes.

2. California Family Fitness - Greenhaven - ClassPass

  • California Family Fitness - Greenhaven · 62 Valine Ct, Sacramento, CA, 95831 · +1 916 392 8300 ·

  • California Family Fitness has been consistently rated as a local favorite among community members due to its family atmosphere, professional and committed employees. They offer an array of helpful training and programs including child care, personal training/nutrition plans, various swim programs and numerous unique fitness classes such as: cycle, yoga, Pilates, aqua fitness, Zumba and group strength training classes.

3. California Family Fitness - 62 Valine Ct, Sacramento, CA 95831, USA

4. California Family Fitness: Greenhaven - Facebook

  • California Family Fitness Greenhaven is Sacramento's premier fitness center with a full gym, personal training & exercise classes.

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

5. California Family Fitness - Greenhaven | Sacramento, CA 95831

  • California Family Fitness - Greenhaven Facebook · Googlemaps. 1834 Reviews. 62 Valine Court Sacramento, CA 95831. 916-392-8300. Visit Website · Facebook ...

  • Reviews for California Family Fitness - Greenhaven of Sacramento, CA

6. Sacramento Gyms | Premium Amenities | 21 Locations | In-Shape

  • FIT CLUB Rewards · Kids · Child Care · Kids Activities · Swim ... Cal Fit is now In-Shape Family Fitness! While our ... 62 Valine Court Sacramento, CA 95831 (916) ...

  • Our 21 world-class gyms in Sacramento have the premium amenities, motivating studio classes, & state-of-the-art equipment you need to hit your fitness goals.

7. California Family Fitness: Greenhaven Sacramento - Foursquare

  • 62 Valine Ct, Sacramento, CA 95831, United States · Directions Directions. (916) 392-8300 Phone. See more. Website.

  • Gym in Sacramento, CA

8. California Family Fitness - 62 Valine Ct, Sacramento, CA 95831, USA

  • Reserva ya tus citas en salones de belleza y spas cerca de ti.

  • Reserva ya tus citas en salones de belleza y spas cerca de ti

9. Riverside Athletic Club on Valine Ct in Sacramento, CA - 916-392-8300

  • Get info on Riverside Athletic Club in Sacramento. Location details, hours, maps and directions to 62 Valine Ct, Sacramento, CA 95831. Search other Fitness ...

  • Riverside Athletic Club on Valine Ct in Sacramento, CA

10. XS™ Muscle Multiplier - Berry Blast | Sports Nutrition - Amway Canada

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12. [PDF] City of Sacramento, CA Issued between 10/16/2022 and 10/31/2022

  • 31 okt 2022 · ... VALINE CT. 02902440190000. EPC - Tower Scope ... fit new cookline. Installation of prepiped ... CAL INC. Contractor: Occupancy: New Const Type ...

Cal Fit Valine Ct (2024)


Is Cal fit 24 hours? ›

Home - California Fitness – Open 24/7.

How many California family fitness gyms are there? ›

Under the 2024 rebrand, all access members will be able to work out at any of the 63 clubs across the state, according to Cal Fit.

What is the 48 hour rule gym? ›

The Rule: Don't Train a Muscle Again for 48 to 72 Hours

A muscle needs two or three days to recover from a workout. Hitting it more often may bring on the diminishing returns of overtraining.

What happened to Cal Fit? ›

California Family Fitness and In-Shape Health Clubs will both be doing business under the new brand name of In-Shape Family Fitness. After many years of exploring the potential benefits of bringing these two brands together, we are excited to come together and operate as the new brand In-Shape Family Fitness.

Did California family fitness get bought out? ›

Perpetual Capital Partners has acquired In-Shape Solutions, the company that operates 44 clubs under the In-Shape Health Clubs brand, according to an announcement from In-Shape. Perpetual Capital also owns California Family Fitness, which has 19 clubs in California.

Does Cal Fit have a sauna? ›

At our clean, spacious clubs, you can challenge yourself in the best studio fitness classes, be motivated in small group or personal training sessions, recover in the sauna, play Pickleball, or hang by the pool with friends and family. Plus, childcare is available at most clubs.

Who is the CEO of California family fitness? ›

Randy Karr is the CEO and President of California Family Fitness.

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