Teresa Giudice’s Best RHONJ Episodes (2024)

Teresa Giudice is the “OG” of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Unlike other franchises, RHONJ has always been centered around family. Whether or not you love her, Teresa has been the series’ foundation.

During Season 3, Teresa’s sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, joined the show. Teresa was furious, and this led to constant feuding between Teresa and her only sibling, Joe Gorga. And Teresa went through a lot during 14 seasons. RHONJ viewers saw Teresa return from prison. She torched friendships and divorced Joe Giudice. Then she fell in love and married Luis Ruelas, with the blessing of her four beloved daughters.

If you want to take a deep dive into Teresa’s history, here are Teresa’s best RHONJ episodes. Enjoy!

Season 1, Episode 6: Finale

Teresa hosted the cast, and their families, at a restaurant during the first season finale. The cast was buzzing about the scandalous past of Danielle Staub, and the book written about her. Danielle insisted that only two things in the book were factual. She was arrested and she changed her name. Danielle told Teresa, “Pay attention, puh-lease!”

Well, Teresa didn’t like Danielle’s tone. She called Danielle a “prostitution whor*.” She exclaimed, “You were engaged 19 times!” Then the table flip that will live in infamy went down. It was the first time fans saw Teresa’s temper flare, but it wasn’t the last. And that is why RHONJ can’t have nice things.

Season 2, Episode 6: Country Clubbed

The cast was dressed up at the Posche Fashion Show, and looking fabulous. Teresa decided to speak to Danielle. Both Teresa and Jacqueline Laurita were seated when the conversation began. Danielle objected when Teresa called her, “Honey.” Teresa fired back, “Is bitch better?” The guests should have evacuated at that point.

Danielle and Teresa traded insults back and forth. But when Danielle claimed that Teresa’s house was in foreclosure, Teresa lost it. She stood up, as people tried to separate the two angry women. The result was a dizzying scene of Teresa chasing Danielle through the crowded venue.

Season 7, Episode 1: Jingle Bells and Prison Cells

Teresa’s return from prison in 2015 was one of her most emotional episodes. People reported that she spent nearly a year in prison after she and her husband, Joe Giudice, pled guilty to fraud charges. Teresa reported to prison first, with Joe set to serve his sentence after her return.

Teresa’s daughters had decorated the house with homemade signs and banners to welcome her home. When Teresa stepped into her house, she covered her face and started to cry. After a long embrace from her husband, she was hugged by her excited daughters. I admit I shed a tear during this episode.

Season 8, Episode 1: Shady Beach

This episode was memorable because it showed a sisterly, playful dynamic between Teresa and Melissa. During a getaway to Florida, Siggy Flicker purchased a gorgeous, personalized cake for Melissa’s birthday. At the table, Teresa gave a nice toast to Melissa.

After the cake was cut, Teresa threw a piece at Melissa. Melissa retaliated, and Teresa threw the entire cake at her as she ran away. Siggy was horrified and hurt. Meanwhile, Teresa and Melissa were having a blast. It didn’t happen often, so that is why this episode takes the cake. Literally.

Season 11, Episode 8: Memorial Mayhem

Teresa and Joe Gorga were heartbroken when their father, Giacinto “Nonno” Gorga, passed away. During this episode, Melissa hosted a lovely memorial for Nonno at her Jersey Shore house. Her deck overlooking the ocean was decorated with flowers, candles, and family photos of Nonno.

There was also a stunning white floral wall with family photos. All the guests wore white. And Teresa’s eldest daughter, Gia Giudice, gave a heartfelt speech. Then the group released white flower petals into the ocean. It was a moving and beautiful moment.

Season 10, Episode 16: Family Reunion

This episode was unforgettable for two reasons. First, Danielle told Melissa that Teresa urged her to pull Margaret Josephs’ hair. Everyone was stunned. Teresa threw her cup, giving Dolores Catania an unsolicited shower. Then she knocked more cups over and flipped off the cameras.

Then Teresa and her daughters headed to Italy to reunite with Joe Giudice. He can’t return to the United States because he was deported after his prison sentence ended. Joe’s reunion with his daughters was sweet, but it was AWKWARD between Teresa and Joe. When he said he didn’t know where he was sleeping, it was cringey. Finally, they decided to end their marriage.

Teresa Gets Married Spinoff

In August 2022, Teresa wed Luis. The Gorgas were no-shows, but the couple didn’t let that dampen their day. Their wedding was extravagant and over-the-top. And it earned its own Bravo special!

According to People, there were 220 guests at the black-tie affair. Teresa wore a long, mermaid gown with white lace gloves. But the real showstopper was her hair. Teresa’s extensions stretched towards the heavens and were topped with a crown of diamonds that held her veil. Their wedding looked fun and romantic.

Season 13 Reunion, Part 3

This reunion spelled the end of Teresa’s relationship with Melissa and her brother, Joe. After feuding off and on for years, the Gorgas skipped Teresa’s nuptials. They claimed that Teresa and Luis spread a false cheating rumor about Melissa.

At the reunion, Joe alleged that Gia called him and told him that he should ditch Melissa and upgrade. Teresa called Gia, and she denied it.

“This is disgraceful. This is absolutely disgraceful. Disgusting,” Teresa said as she stormed off. After saying that she would never raise her kids that way, she exclaimed, “Mommy and Daddy. You should be ashamed of yourselves!” That was a gut punch.

This reunion severed the ties between Teresa and her brother, with no hope of reconciliation. It was difficult to watch the level of anger displayed on both sides.

I hope that you check out Teresa Giudice’s best RHONJ episodes. They show the full range of Teresa’s personality, from funny and sweet to table-flipping fury.


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Teresa Giudice’s Best RHONJ Episodes (2024)
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