QuickBooks Migration - FAQ (2024)


You can find answers for all your frequently asked questions or FAQ about QuickBooks migration.

What are the differences between QuickBooks and TallyPrime terms?

There are a few changes in the terminology. You can refer to this topic for more details.

What is the maximum size of data that can be downloaded from QuickBooks?

Refer to specific period data download to know about this.

Can I download data for multiple company data from QuickBooks?

No. You will be able to download one company’s data at a time.

Why are multiple files are being generated after we unzip or extract the data?

Each file is one set of masters, transactions, and reports. These files are QuickBooks data in JSON format.

For example, company info.json includes the information about the company master. Similarly, bill_1.json contains 1000 transactions of bill.

How do I transfer data from QuickBooks to TallyPrime?

Refer to TallyHelp for the step-by-step process.

Can I create the company from Tally and then import masters and transactions?

Yes. You can create a Company in TallyPrime and import masters and transactions using the option Create Company for QB Data and then you can start the import process for masters and transactions.

Can I give a specific period for downloading the data from QuickBooks?

Yes. You can give a specific period for downloading the data using filter option.

How can I import only the specific period data to TallyPrime?

Refer to TallyHelp page for more info.

Why reports are not matching after migrating the data to Tally Prime?

This is due to the list of ledgers and hence there would be a mismatch in the ledger closing balance. Apart from the above-mentioned ledgers, if there is a mismatch, you may go to drill down Ledger Voucher Analysis in your TallyPrime.

Why there is difference in data size, post-migration of data to TallyPrime ?

The database architecture and structure used in QB and Tally are different. Hence there might be some differences in the size based on the database format in which each data is saved.

I have only one item entry in QuickBooks. Post-migration of data from QuickBooks to TallyPrime, there are more than one item entries. Why?

This is due to the behavior of QuickBooks entry. When a transaction entered in QuickBooks, and set up an inventory item your Inventory List, QuickBooks automatically adjusts the values between Inventory Asset and Cost of Goods Sold.

For example, consider you have an entry in QuickBooks for Spare Parts and the amount entered is 45, 520.

QuickBooks Migration - FAQ (2)When it migrates to TallyPrime, you can see the difference by adding two more entries called Inventory Asset and Cost of Goods Sold i.e., direct costs for 23,200.

QuickBooks Migration - FAQ (3)
These two extra entries are not visible in the QuickBooks entry. However, when you go toMore > Transaction Journal, you can see these entries are added automatically by QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Migration - FAQ (4)

To know more about this behaviour refer toUnderstand inventory assets and cost of goods sold tracking.

How do I check for missing masters and transactions?

To understand the missing masters and transactions, there is a report called Import Log. Click on Import → Import Log.

You can see a column for not imported which will have a count against the line item.

Press Enter on the line item to drill down and see the detailed information.

Is it mandatory to extract data from the zip file before importing to TallyPrime?

Yes. It is mandatory to extract data from the zip file.
You can either use the option ImportExtract Data from Zip File or you may right-click the file name and extract.

After importing data to TallyPrime, what should I do with the data downloaded from QuickBooks?

Once you have verified and tallied the data in TallyPrime, you can delete the QuickBooks data from your system.
You may keep the data in your system for references in the future. Anytime you can create a Company in TallyPrime and import the data to compare.

While downloading the data from QuickBooks, continuously getting the error "Download Failed". Is there any workaround to come out of this issue?

This could be due to some error in one or more records in QuickBooks. You can try dividing the data based on the periods using the specific period download option under configure. You can also connect with QuickBooks support team for further analysis.

Can I import QuickBooks data from Excel to TallyPrime?

The QuickBooks migration tool is developed based on the data captured from QuickBooks API in JSON format. It is recommended to use the default version of the tool.

However, if there is an unavoidable need to import the data from Excel, you can connect your Tally partners for further customisation.

Can a customer with TallyPrime trial version license use the QuickBooks migration tool?

Yes, the user with TallyPrime trial version license can use the QuickBooks migration tool.

Is it possible to enable the QuickBooks migration solution with TallyPrime on AWS?

Yes, you can enable QuickBooks migration solution on TallyPrime on AWS Release 2.1 or later.

Oops! (serial no.) is not compatible. Enter a valid TallyPrime Serial Number. Serial Numbers of earlier versions of Tally are not compatible.

Cause: This error occurs when the serial number is not compatible to enable the QuickBooks migration tool.
Solution: If you already have a license, but not the required version of Tally, you need to upgrade. Refer to Upgrade to TallyPrime and TallyPrime Edit Log for the steps. In case your TSS has expired, refer to Renew TSS for the steps to renew the subscription.

What should be done when some of the non-inventory entries are getting impacted in the Stock Summary or Stock Balance Report?

After importing the masters, enable the following options in the non-inventory stock items, before importing the transactions.

  1. PressAlt+G(Go To) >Alter Master>Stock Item> select the stock item for which you are viewing theStock Vouchersreport and pressEnter.
  2. PressF12> enableSet options for Stock BehaviourtoYes> and pressCtrl+Ato save the settings.
    1. In the stock item master, setProvide Behaviour optionstoYes.
    2. Set the options Treat all sales as new manufactureandTreat all purchases as consumedtoYes, and reaccept the vouchers.
      QuickBooks Migration - FAQ (5)

Once these settings are done, you can import all the transactions and check the Stock Summary Report or Stock Balance Report.

After importing the transactions, some of the ledgers are not impacting the Balance sheet or the Profit and Loss Account. Why?

This is happening due to the Ledgers being created with identical names in QuickBooks.

This issue can be resolved by changing the identical names to unique names in QuickBooks. After changing the names, you can download the data from QuickBooks and migrate to TallyPrime.

How can I migrate data from QuickBooks in a foreign currency to TallyPrime in Indian Rupees (INR)?

You can migrate data from QuickBooks in a foreign currency (e.g., USD) to TallyPrime in Indian Rupees (INR), provided you have both USD and INR data in QuickBooks. However, if your data is solely in USD, it cannot be directly converted to INR during the migration process.

To know more, refer to the Import Data for a Specific Period section.

QuickBooks Migration - FAQ (2024)
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