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This article is about Keeper of the Lost Cities, the series written by Shannon Messenger. You may be looking for the live-action film adaptation, or Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities, the first book in the series.

Keeper of the Lost Cities is a book series written by Shannon Messenger, currently consisting of eleven books, in the following order: Keeper of the Lost Cities, Exile, Everblaze, Neverseen, Lodestar, Nightfall, Flashback, Legacy, Unlocked, Stellarlune, and Unraveled. It has been published in various languages, including but not limited to: English, French, Russian, and Spanish. There are five books in Czech and Polish, and also a UK version of each book. The next book will be Book 9.5: Unraveled. There will also be a tenth book, but its title is currently unknown.

In January of 2021, a movie adaptation of the series was announced, directed by Ben Affleck. The release date has not been announced, and further details have yet to be released.

The first half of the first book has been made into a graphic novel, and more graphic novels are scheduled to follow.

Since 2012, most books have come out each year in November. Book 8.5: Unlocked was published on November 17, 2020, and Book 9: Stellarlune was released on November 8, 2022. Book 9.5: Unraveled will be released on November 12, 2024, and Shannon Messenger has confirmed that there will be a 10th book, potentially the last in the series. An eleventh book was discussed by Shannon on Twitter but has yet to be confirmed.

The series follows the journey of Sophie Elizabeth Foster, who seems to be different from other humans. Not only is she a genius, but she also has an ability that no one else has: the ability to read minds. That is, that is an ability she thinks no one else has. However, when she meets a teal-eyed boy who tells her that she is not a human, but rather, an elf, her world turns upside down. This abnormal girl travels through a journey of pain, discovery, and love. The only question is, does she have what it takes to make it out of there alive?

As she pushes through the hardships that the Neverseen, a rebel group of elves, send her way, she meets new people, sees new things, and forms new heartfelt relationships. Her friends and family help her along her journey.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Series (1)

After manifesting five abilities throughout the books, one might assume that she would easily be victorious. But the Neverseen always seems to be one step ahead, or many. A witness to many kidnappings, and experiencing one herself, Sophie thought she was prepared for everything. But with twists at every step, she questions if things could get any worse, which always seems to happen. Experiencing betrayals and losses she never thought possible, Sophie still pushes through the hardships.

With the help of her friends, family, and creators, the Black Swan, Sophie pushes through each battle she faces. The question that spreads among the fans of the New York Times bestselling series is, who will emerge as the victor? The Moonlark and the Black Swan, or the forces of evil? Read through this thrilling, heart-stopping book series to find the answers!


“The past is the only finite thing in this uncertain world, and in a somewhat comforting way.”

Mr. Forkle, in the Keeper of the Lost Cities Series

“You'd be surprised at how powerful hope can be.”

—, in Book 2: Exile

“'Because our family doesn't decide who we are. WE decide who we are. Believe me, it drives my parents crazy. And sometimes, that's the only thought that gets me through the day.'”

Sophie Elizabeth Foster, in Book 3: Everblaze

“Sometimes the greatest power comes from showing mercy”

Sophie Elizabeth Foster, in Book 4: Neverseen

“Actions never tell the whole story. Good can be done for the wrong reason. And bad can be misunderstood.”

Linh Hai Song, in Book 5: Lodestar

“I don’t know how it’s all going to work out, but . . . I’ll be fighting for the happy ending too.”

Sophie Elizabeth Foster, in Book 6: Nightfall

“We're spiraling toward war. And not an isolated battle. A global conflict involving every living being.”

Mr. Forkle, in Book 8: Legacy

“"We're all willing to believe that everything is perfect and shiny and wonderful here in the Lost Cities- until something happens that forces us to admit it's not.”

Rayni Aria, in Book 9: Stellarlune


Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities

Book 2: Exile

Book 3: Everblaze

Book 4: Neverseen

Book 5: Lodestar

Book 6: Nightfall

Book 7: Flashback

Book 8: Legacy

Book 8.5: Unlocked

Book 9: Stellarlune


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