Chevrolet Dealership in Greater Grand Forks | Chevy for Sale Grand Forks, ND (2024)

The city of Grand Forks, North Dakota, is a beautiful place to visit, from its history to its nature. Grand Forks is North Dakota's 3rd largest city and is home to the University of North Dakota. It is located along the Red River of the North with a population of over 50,000. Grand Forks is also home to one of North America's Air Force bases, formed in 1945. It is a fast-growing city that welcomes all from different walks of life.

Grand Forks is also home to the Rydell Chevrolet Buick GMC. We have been in Grand Forks for over 60 years, serving the entire Grand Forks area, including Grafton, Hillsboro, Fargo, Devils Lake, and Crookston. With over 60 years of experience and a staff with a combined knowledge of over 100 years, we know cars, and our goal is to ensure everyone goes home with the vehicle that suits them the best.

Why Choose Rydell Chevrolet

Chevrolet Dealership in Greater Grand Forks | Chevy for Sale Grand Forks, ND (1)

Started back in 1954 by Leonard Rydell, Rydell is a family business that is operating to this day. Our primary focus is to deliver servicesthat are consistent and customer-focused. This means you get the best price guarantee from us. So you have the confidence of knowing that whatever car you buy from us has the absolute best possible price.

We can bring the purchasing experience to your home through the innovative Rydell Delivers program. Through doing this, we take the hassle and pain out of the whole purchasing process. All you have to do is tell us the car you're interested in, and our team of experts will select one for you based on your preferences.

Then, we bring the car to you for test drives, provide you with all the information about trade-ins and the different financing options. Once you are satisfied with the vehicle, you can sign the paperwork, all of which can be done from your home.

Serving the Grand Forks Community

Our business has been part of the Grand Forks community since the early 1950s, and we are dedicated to giving back to the community that has supported us through it all. Rydell hosts an annualRydell Car and Bike Show in which we donate all proceeds from the event to a charity selected by the Rydell staff. The Rydell Auto Group also comes up with a matching fund of up to $40,000, with all proceeds going back to the community.

We also participate in the Little Red Reading Bus initiative, the Rydell Safe Kids Partnership, and the Wheels for Work program. Our staff is from the Grand Forks community, and we are all excited to serve the Grand Forks area and our customers with our best foot forward.

All Your Chevy Needs

From the beginning, Rydell has always sold Chevrolets. Over the years, Leonard, the owner, and Wes, his son, have made Rydell Chevrolet Buick GMC what it is today. We cover all your Chevrolet needs, from the work trucks, like the Sierra or Silverado,to the SUVs, like the Equinox and Envision, to the sedans, like the Malibu.

Our dealership sells both new and used Chevrolets, Buicks, and GMCs, so make sure to visit us if you're on the lookout for a new or pre-owned Chevy. We provide top-notch service and maintenance at our service center. Our services are highly affordable and operate as seamlessly as possible, letting you decide what you want and offering the best advice.

Schedule a maintenance check in advance through our online scheduling feature or drop by for immediate service. Our staffis ready for you no matter what and is happy to keep your vehicle in tiptop working condition.

Our Promise

Buying a car isn't an easy decision to make, and we understand this. We aim to make the entire car-buying process as easy for you as possible. That is why our staff's experience is invaluable to us. We have such confidence in our ability that we make these promises to you:

Low Prices

Wes Rydell introduced a low price, no hassle, no haggle philosophy since taking over in 1976. This philosophy governs us and ensures we always establish the lowest price for every vehicle, no matter your demographic or credit score. Our prices are so low that there is no need for negotiations. In addition, there is no separate pricing for internet sales; we deliver the best cars at the best possible prices to ensure you get the best and most affordable car.

Real Cash Value for Your Trade

We have the highest volume of used vehicles of anyone in the Grand Forks area, and because of the volume, we ensure you get the best value for your trade. We also provide all the documentation to help you understand the actual cash value of your trade, no matter the kind of vehicle you buy.

Superior Selection

We constantly bring in new inventory, meaning there are hundreds of vehicles to choose from at all times. Because of the high volume, you are more likely to find the perfect vehicle at our dealership. for transparency reasons, we share with you what kind of reconditioning our used cars have gone through to ensure you buy a vehicle with complete knowledge about its history.

No Pressure Sales

Rydell uses a customer-friendly approach that lets you choose what car you want depending on what you are looking for in a vehicle. We don't use any sales tactics to pressure you to get the highest-priced cars; we allow you to make an informed decision and get the best deal.

Money-Back Guarantee

You might make a mistake when choosing a vehicle. That is why we have a seven-day money-back guarantee on all our new and pre-owned vehicles. All you have to do is bring back the car in the same condition as you bought it and get your money back.

We also offer 30-day exchange on most of our pre-owned vehicles. If you don't like the vehicle you bought, you can return it, and you'll get the full purchase price forwarded to any vehicle on our lot.

Visit Us in Grand Forks, North Dakota

At Rydell, our primary goal is to ensure our customers go home with the best car at the best prices and are fully satisfied. If you live in the Grand Forks, ND, area and are looking for a new or pre-owned car, visit our dealership today. You can also do your shopping online on our website and get the car delivered to your doorstep. Whatever option you choose, we welcome you, and happy shopping.

Chevrolet Dealership in Greater Grand Forks | Chevy for Sale Grand Forks, ND (2024)
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