Apeirophobia Level 14 Code (2024)

1. Level 14: "Electrical Station" | Apeirophobia Wiki - Fandom

  • Computer · Level 15 · Stalker

  • Level 14 (the fifteenth level) is gigantic, a fact which ranks it as one of the largest Levels in the game, and it is a complete headache to navigate. The Level starts inside a hallway. Walking forward and turning left will present you with another hallway, which itself divides into a few other hallways. The start of this Level is a long hallway with yellow tiled walls, a dark gray tiled floor, yellow lights on the top of the left wall, pipes on the ceiling and at the end of this very hallway th

2. How to beat Level 14 in Apeirophobia - Pro Game Guides

  • 26 sep 2023 · The easiest way to get through Level 14 is to make sure you have at least one friend to help you. The monster lurking here will jumpscare you ...

  • Beware the alarm!

3. How to Beat Level 14 in Apeirophobia - - Mejoress.com

4. Screwdriver - Apeirophobia Wiki - Fandom

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  • The Screwdriver is an item that will help you unlock the first door after spawn and exit Level 14 along with the Bolt Cutters. This item is currently exclusive to Level 14 but that can change as it is always possible for items to reappear in future levels. The Screwdriver is among the tools: (Screwdriver, Bolt Cutters) is required in order to unlock the first door at spawn, insert "y" on the computer and escape Level 14. In Level 14, after obtaining the screwdriver, you will unscrew the screws t

5. Computer - Apeirophobia Wiki - Fandom

  • ... Level 7 and Level 14. Utility. Level 7. The first Computer in Level 7 is mainly used for puzzle purposes, once you figure out the code (explanation shown on the ...

  • The Computer is really important, as you WILL need to use it in order to unlock exits, shown in Level 7 and Level 14. The first Computer in Level 7 is mainly used for puzzle purposes, once you figure out the code (explanation shown on the Level 7 page and the Puzzles page), you will have to click the Computer, input the code and then press confirm, once you have done that and went to the final room, on the second Computer you will have to insert "y", doing that will open the exit. The Computer c

6. Level 14 - Discuss Everything About Apeirophobia Wiki | Fandom

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  • The Apeirophobia Wiki is a Wiki about a ROBLOX horror game called Apeirophobia, the game is based off the official Backrooms lore (along with some Kane Pixels lore), and has 16 different levels.

7. apeirophobia level 14 computer code | Discover - Kwai

  • Everyone is searching. threat analysis and risk assessment tara. prontal gaming. simulaçao savagery in mexico corebox. anitube working. apeirophobia level 7 ...

  • APEIROPHOBIA Level 0 map, hope this helpcr : pan#7035APEIROPHOBIA Level 0 map, hope this help. cr : pan#7035.

8. Level List - Apeirophobia Wiki - Fandom

  • Codes · Checkpoints. Back. Gamepasses · Advanced Camera · Advanced Flashlight · Metal Lungs ... Level 12 • Level 13 • Level 14 • Level 15 • Level 16 · Chapter 2 ...

9. Apeirophobia: How to Beat Level 14 - Touch, Tap, Play

  • 17 okt 2022 · Level 14 is also inhabited by the Entity. It spawns in front of you and turns on the Alarm. If you look at the Entity while the Alarm is active, ...

  • In this guide, we will tell you how to beat level 14 in Apeirophobia.

Apeirophobia Level 14 Code (2024)


How to escape level 14 apeirophobia? ›

After the first hallway, on the wall you will find a Note, this Note shows the player thinking about a Screwdriver and Bolt Cutters, the Note indicates that the Screwdriver is used for an electric box (which means unscrewing the screws on the Electric Box) and it also indicates that the Bolt Cutters are needed to cut ...

What is the code for the door in Apeirophobia? ›

The code is going to be 21131526. Here's the priorities explained: Red is first. Green is second.

How to complete level 15 apeirophobia? ›

Your objective in this level is to make sure your lifeboat is 100% clear of any issues. A few things can slow you down or completely halt the lifeboat movement. A hole in your lifeboat can let a stream of water in, slowing the lifeboat down by a tad. This can be fixed by simply patching the holes up.

Is there an exit to level 16 apeirophobia? ›

To escape Level 16, you have to kill the Deformed Howler by getting it caught by the bear trap you placed down. A cutscene will then play showing the Deformed Howler chasing after you, you then pull the lever and suddenly, the Deformed Howler gets stuck in a cage.

What is the map code for Apeirophobia? ›

The Airphoria island can be accessed via Fortnite Discover or island code 2118-5342-7190.

How to do the book code in apeirophobia? ›

These numbers are a code to unlock the door which halts your progression. You have to go back and forth, opening the book, entering a code into the number pad, and seeing if the code was correct. Guessing the code will take some time, as it is purely up to luck.

How to find all 3 keys in apeirophobia? ›

All of the keys which you need to find are hidden inside of cabinets. After finding all three of the keys, you have to unlock three locks with the aforementioned keys to open the gate and proceed to the second part of Level 3.

What is the color code for level 11 in apeirophobia? ›

So basically level 11 has 3 set color groups: [Could be a few more that I am not aware of] [Red-Orange-Pink-Purple] [White-Green-Cyan-Brown] [White-Green-Yellow-Brown] While we have that, the patterns are still randomized.

What to do in level 13 in apeirophobia? ›

Objective. In this level, your objective is simple. In order to escape the level you must locate five star buttons in the playground and afterwards collect three Partypooper Plushies, which can spawn in certain areas of the level, head to the theatre and go inside the portal-looking exit.

What is the meaning of apeirophobia? ›

'Apeirophobia' is the fear of infinity, and may be manifest as a gnawing fixation on the endlessness of space and the innumerable possibilities of time. Of all the phobias we might list, it is one of the most abstract.

How to get level 17 in apeirophobia? ›

Successfully tricking the Deformed Howler into the bear trap and killing it in Level 16 will send you to this level.

How do you get past level 0 in Apeirophobia? ›

The objective in this level is to simply find the exit. Players will start by wandering around until eventually ending up at a ladder that leads to a vent in a wall. Climbing this ladder and entering the vent will lead to the player escaping the level and entering Level 1.

How do you escape the pool level in Apeirophobia? ›

To leave Level 1, you have to turn valves around the map and when it's done you will hear a sound coming from the exit. The light will turn green and the gate will be opened. The area this reveals is quite small and contains a long hole, swimming down this hole, will lead you to a kind of sewer.

How many levels will there be in Apeirophobia? ›

There are a total of 16 levels in Apeirophobia on Roblox at the time of writing. Levels can range from safe zones all about solving a puzzle, or deadly areas where entities are hounding you at every turn.

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